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About Ireland At Home

Ireland At Home is an Irish company based in Dublin, Ireland, specialising in the provision of vacation and corporate rental property in Ireland which is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Europe. We pride ourselves in providing a thorough and efficient vacation and corporate rental service.


Renting holiday homes in Ireland is very popular, especially with families who prefer the independence that self catering accommodation provides. Our aim is to provide the very best in holiday accommodation throughout the country. Good quality properties are a must for all holidaymakers.

We offer customers a wide range of property types including holiday villages and stand alone houses in either a town or rural setting. In addition to our vacation rentals we have a number of locations where we offer accommodation attached to Hotels. At these locations guests have all the benefits of self catering while at the same time having the choice to avail of the Hotel facilities including swimming pools, leisure centres, bars and restaurants.

We have rental properties catering for ten people down to properties for two people. Customer preferences differ and we aim to bring as wide a variety of property types as we can to our customers. If we do not have a property to suit a customer's needs we invite that customer to allow us source the type of property they are looking for. Quite often, this type of request results in us taking on a new property, which supplements the properties we already have.

The most important factor in our business is to ensure that our customers have a vacation they remember. We want our customers to come back and book with us again. When this happens we know we have achieved our primary objective. Customer satisfaction is the core of our existence.